Augmentative and alternative communication

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Plaphoons is a communication tool for people physically handicapped, for example people with cerebral palsy. It can also serve for learning reading and writing and helping to control the computer for these people. Also can help other people with communication difficulties as persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), people with Down syndrome, etc.

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Assistive products for training alternative communication techniques and vocabulary to allow interpersonal communication; Included are, e.g., Braille, sign language and Bliss language.

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This robust multi-speech aid has been specifically designed for use in the classroom where it’s clear speech and adjustable output volume allows pupils to participate in classroom activities. - In 1979, eleven year old Steve Harper, unable to speak due to the physical disability, cerebral palsy, had never heard of Morse code and was struggling to communicate with a head stick, symbol board and typewriter.
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Assistive Technology Blog - Here is a great iPhone/iPad app that has an amazing back story (please read it!). But what does it do? It helps people with speech impairment (emerging communication skills and developmental delays) communicate with others. Essentially, this app allows caregivers to take pictures, and associate phrases to go with them.
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The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) works to improve the lives of children and adults who use AAC.

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"Proloquo4Text" is a text-based AAC App for iOS, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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AssistiveWare - AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 26 November 2013 – AssistiveWare® premiers its brand new text-based communication app for iOS, Proloquo4Text™ with 50%-off introductory pricing. Proloquo4Text provides a voice for people who cannot speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. It offers a customizable single screen layout for easy conversation, free natural-sounding voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, numerous options for personalization and much more.


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