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Grid 3 empowers people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and access their computer. Grid 3 is a complete AAC software package, designed to help you communicate and connect with the world around you.

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Founded in 1989, Accessibility Services, Inc., (ASI) has been a preferred provider of ECUs and adaptive equipment for individuals, hospitals, businesses, schools and universities throughout the state of Florida. We’ve recently expanded our reach, offering our experiences and technologies nationally to help provide our high standards of service to everyone desiring more independence and control in their environment.

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Jocomunico application has been developed in the context of a PhD research project. The project has been funded by Fundacion Adecco in partnership with Telefonica, under the Talentum Startups programme by Telefonica.

Jocomunico is a free open source application under a Creative Commons license that can be modified and extended by independent developers. It can also be adapted to the specific needs of a particular user or group of users.

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Most schools have access to a reasonable number of computers and tablets (usually iPads), and access to basic software to help with their learners, but cannot always afford expensive additional software (increasingly on awkward subscriptions) that can support learners with literacy difficulties. At the same time parents, who wish to support their children, may have a computer or tablet at home, but cannot afford to pay for some of the specialist literacy support apps and software that the school may be using.

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Technology Access, Inc is a provider of speech generating devices, computer access devices and handwriting assistance software used to help individuals in overcoming their speech, computer access and handwriting challenges. Clients with diagnosis like stroke, CP, ALS, TBI, spinal cord injury and autism can all benefit from intervention and assistance using these products.

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Craig Mill and colleagues at CALL Scotland have produced a revised and greatly expanded edition of this book (176 pages), first published in September 2012. The new edition has been updated for iOS 7.1 and includes information on many new apps that have been released since 2012.

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Fressa's project was born in 1998 and it was originated after a study license that created informatic programs for disabled people. Originally, it had a broad goal as Fressa's encompassed accessing computer systems, such as: mouse-controlling programs; systems that complete lack of function due to disabilities; comunicating programs; help systems to overcome functional deficiencies due to disability; or phonetic visual displays.

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Plaphoons is a communication tool for people physically handicapped, for example people with cerebral palsy. It can also serve for learning reading and writing and helping to control the computer for these people. Also can help other people with communication difficulties as persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), people with Down syndrome, etc.

Source: Projecte Fressa

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High-tech communication systems may be dedicated devices developed solely for AAC (in this case), or non-dedicated devices such as computers that run additional software to allow them to function as AAC devices. They may be static or dynamic in form.


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