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This article describes the stepping stones to Switch Access.

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The relative demand of the two physical access techniques of direct selection and row column scanning was compared across 100 normal children: 20 each in grades 1 through 5. The children were required to find a specific shape on the 128 target array of the Prentke Romich Light Talker™, using either the optical head pointer to direct select or rocking lever switch to access the row column scan. The direction-following task had four difficulty levels. Performance on the task was measured by the number of errors.

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Executive functions are the basis for goal-directed activity and include planning, monitoring, and inhibition, and language seems to play a role in the development of these functions. There is a tradition of studying executive function in both typical and atypical populations, and the present study investigates executive functions in children with severe speech and motor impairments who are communicating using communication aids with graphic symbols, letters, and/or words.

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Switch access scanning is an indirect selection technique (or access method), used by an assistive technology user, including those who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to choose items from the selection set.

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