Assistive technology

Adult Literacy & Technology - As smart phones become more widely used, the ability of people to access media in a quick and easy way could be used to provide assistance to those with low literacy.
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The Washington Times - Apple’s adaptive technologies are built into the Mac OS X operating system, including “VoiceOver,” which can tell users which program they’re using, which window is open, and what menu options are available.
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DeafGadgets - In this time of smartphones, wonderful open-source platforms such as Android and with such tools as Growl at our disposal, I think it’s time to kick deaf tech up a notch.
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Teq - The satalight significantly increases student engagement, so educators can assist students with physical and developmental disabilities to become more independent by their participation in computer-based educational activities. Think of the satalight as a large touch screen and a computer access tool. With it, special needs students experience technology like never before. Using your educational software or websites on your computer, the satalight will cater to individuals with multiple disabilities within any classroom, office or home environment.

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog - TransAccess, a Bay Area nonprofit organization, helps youth and adults with disabilities to achieve their goals. In partnership with local schools, government agencies, and businesses, we provide individualized assessments, career and job placement assistance, adaptive technology, and more. Since 1997, TransAccess has served 10,800 youth and adults with disabilities through direct services.

The New York Times - The AgeLab at M.I.T. is partnering with businesses to develop new technologies geared toward helping seniors stay healthy, active and independent.
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Malcolm Bellamy's Lifelong Learning Blog - For those people who want to see what technology can really do to aid learning I would suggest that they see the above video.
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Callier Library - Despite its facilitating role in creating opportunities for people with disabilities to exercise human rights, access to assistive technology is limited in many countries. It is therefore promising that the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) addresses this area.

Easter Seals and Autism - The use of assistive technology, including the iPad2, is a great tool to improve access to work, recreation and education for individuals with autism.
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