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Examples of clip art from the Openclipart

The project started in early 2004 by Inkscape developers Jon Phillips and Bryce Harrington to collect designs of flags from all around the world, having been inspired by the efforts started by Christian Schaller (Uraeus) at the 26. Oct 2003 to create a collection of flags created by users of vector graphics software Sodipodi. It progressed very well and the project goals were extended to generic clipart.

The release of Openclipart 2.0 introduced a change from the old ccHost software to the new AGPL-based Aiki Framework, a content management system made for Openclipart 2.0 that would allow anyone to edit the Web site easily. This release culminated the work of Jon Phillips, Andy Fitzsimon, Bassel Safadi, Michi, Ronaldo Barbachano, and Brad Philips who assisted in the launch of the new system, which received over 5,000 unique visitors and 50,000 page views daily.
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  • Library public domain of pictograms created by different artists.
  • More than 60,000 pictograms.




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Open Clip Art Library Internet, USA

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