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Snaps Photo Library

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The Snaps photo library is a collection of images of common objects ready for use in your communication materials and grids. Snaps is an add-on to use with InPrint 2 and Communicate: SymWriter.

Developed with Sensory Software, the Snaps library contains over 1,000 high-quality photographs of objects, covering topics such as clothes, food and drink, technology, animals, transport and the home. All the photos in the Snaps Library are matched to a Widgit Symbol.

This new library is just starting out, and many more photos will be added in the near future. All upgrades to the photo library will be free.

Source: Widgit

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48,00 €

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Snaps Photo Library Suppliers/Vendors

The table shows the vendors who sell the product
Company/Organization Country E-commerce Physical Store Tele-commerce
Widgit Internet, United Kingdom Yes

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