New version of AT Observatory

Icons used in TecnoAccesible

TecnoAccesible is updating its image and presenting a new structure by adding new type of contents linked to the already existent and completing the information. One of the big changes is that the contents in English and Spanish are the same; that is to say, they are translations of each other; even though, at this moment, there are fewer pages in English than Spanish. However, this difference will progressively disappear. The most remarkable novelties are:

  • Icons: Every section and subsection is represented with a different identifiable icon. When it was possible, a normalized icon has been used. Unfortunately, available standardized symbols are very few, so around 300 new icons have been created.
  • Authors: Known-authority content will be linked to a file with the available information of its author – professional status and occupation – and a list of documents present in TecnoAccesible.
  • Telephony: A new section with files of accessible phones and related information. These contents are a work in progress and consist on a set of files with information about the phones but without an accessibility rating which will be available in the next stage of development of TecnoAccesible.
  • Services: A new section with information about the technology used in social health teleassistance and the organizations and companies that manage it. Also, it is included accessibility services for the production of audiovisual materials or in the events broadcasting.

From this moment on, organization modifications will appear on the page Change control. I hope this version to be commended by TecnoAccesible’s regular followers and that it will help to increase its audience.

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