eSpeak 1.46.01







  • Added runtime detection of pulseaudio, with fallback to portaudio if pulse is not running. Use build option "AUDIO=runtime" in the makefile.
  • Fixed crash on re-initializing libespeak.
  • SSML. Commands such as and were ignored if they were inside a multiword group (defined in *_list).
  • Fixed. SSML. Don't omit event for words which are recognized as pairs (such as "of the").
  • SSML: Keep the original voice variant across SSML xml:lang changes.
  • SSML: Use the original language sub-type (eg. en-sc) when SSML xml:lang changes to a compatible language.
  • SSML , increase volume for "strong" and "x-strong".
  • SSML Fix bug where was ignored at end of clause.
  • SSML: Fix problem where speed can get set to minimum after a tag.
  • SSML: Fixed bug where SSML voice change didn't remember an initially specified Klatt variant.
  • Mbrola: Add support for voices: vz1, mx1, mx2. Mbrola: Amplitude changes now apply also to mbrola voices.
  • Mbrola: "voicing" attribute in mbrola voice files can be sued to adjust the loudness of the mbrola voice.
  • *_list: $combine. Don't combine with the next word if it uses a different language translator.
  • *_list: $dot attribute was ignored for multi-word entries.
  • Phoneme definition files. Phoneme programs. Added condition "isTranslationGiven" to test whether a phoneme has been specified explicitly for a word in *_list.
  • Lang=Hindi: Suppress some [@] vowels.
  • Lang=Spanish, fix missing "y" in numbers such as "21".
  • Lang=EN-US: Don't add 'intrusive r' between phoneme [i@] and a following vowel. lang=EN-US, distinguish phonemes [aI@] and [aI3] (compare "diet", "tired").