Legal information

As the purpose of TecnoAccesible is the spreading of information technologies and communication in the field of accessibility, it is mandatory to reproduce the information acknowledging the original sources. Furthermore, in order to support the technical and theoretical contents of the products, there might be some references to other sources, as long as it is public material or if the author explicitly authorizes it. However, this website will always detail the original sources and any treatment that the information might experience for its publication in TecnoAccesible, which follows the same principles for the terms of use of its original materials.

Different source materials


The News section collects information from the entities that publish it in order to be promoted. When the information comes from digital or traditional media, only the headline will be published - with a small explanation if it is necessary - providing the link to access directly to that piece of information. In any case, the original source will always be available.


Information regarding conventions, fairs, courses, etc; is obtained from the entities holding those events.

Last developments

Releases of new support products or any other item that might improve accessibility to potential users will be published in this section. In this case, the company responsible for its creation and/or distribution will be considered as the primary source.


Data from the catalogues’ files are obtained from the technical specifications publically provided by the creators or distributors of such product.

Directory of companies and Internet resources

Contents will be obtained from the available information published in the different websites. Also, it will be verified that there is no explicit prohibition on reproducing their information at the time that TecnoAccesible publishes it. For that matter, if any entity changes its policies regarding its terms and condition of use of materials, those who are responsible should inform TecoAccesible of such changes.


Materials used in tutorials belong to TecnoAccesible. Some pages in a few tutorials might be Creative Commons’ creations in which case, that content will be explicitly acknowledged as such.

Graphic material

Before using any graphic material not created by TecnoAccesible, itself, there will be an exhaustive research to avoid using any image that has copyright at the time that TecnoAccesible publishes it. As said before, if the terms and conditions of use change after, the original creator should inform TecnoAccesible of such changes.

Creative Commons’ material

A large number of definitions within this website have been obtained from material subject to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. In every case, the source will be acknowledged and there will be a link to the original content.

Public administration material

Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, governs the re-use of public information provided by administrations and bodies in which they are the majority participant, which is to say, the right of all potential agents in the market of re-use of information in public instances. In accordance with this regulation, the Administration allows for the public reproduction, distribution and communication of the work and, furthermore, the transformation of that work to create from it derivative works for everyone and without a time limit, so long as this is not inconsistent with the license or notice that a work may hold, in which case the latter will prevail. Directive 2003/98/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council serves the purpose of regulating the re-use of public information provided by public administrations and organisms. Therefore, it will held the right of any potential trading agent to re-use the information from public entities and consequently it allows the reproduction, distribution and promotion of that material; as well as the processing of that information in order to create a new work; as long as with the license or notice that a work may hold, in which case the latter will prevail. In order to re-use information, the following conditions apply:

  • No change in the nature of the information.
  • Always quote the source of the information.
  • Mention the date on which the information was last updated.


Technical and commercial information

Technical features of the products appearing in the pages of this website are obtained from their manufacturers or distributors. For that reason, sometimes, a few aspects might differ from the real product. In addition, the prices in the catalog have to be considered as estimations, as they were obtained from e-commerce sites at the time of the creation of the product’s file, therefore, some variations might be expected. Besides, it should also be considered the price difference between distributors or even some typographic mistake.

Users’ contributions in TecnoAccesible

Every accepted content contribution will appear with the name of its author. In any case, TecnoAccesible reserves its right to remove any content at any time when it deems necessary due to copyright or appropriateness issues.

TecnoAccesible’s Material

TecnoAccesible’s content can be used or cited as a source, as long as the site is correctly acknowledged. This authorization does not equal to a copyright transfer on any of our material. Besides, one should be aware of the cited content on TecnoAccesible which is subject to other authors’ copyright and our website is not authorized to distribute as its own. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

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