Low Cost/No Cost Apps and Software to Support Learners with Literacy Difficulties

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Most schools have access to a reasonable number of computers and tablets (usually iPads), and access to basic software to help with their learners, but cannot always afford expensive additional software (increasingly on awkward subscriptions) that can support learners with literacy difficulties. At the same time parents, who wish to support their children, may have a computer or tablet at home, but cannot afford to pay for some of the specialist literacy support apps and software that the school may be using.

Fortunately, there are free or low-cost equivalents to many of the more expensive tools that can provide similar levels of support. Many of these tools are built-in to the operating systems used by the computer or tablet. Since free voices are available for these devices, the literacy support tools are useful for learners with English as an Additional Language. Other programs / apps are available as free add-ons for standard software such as Word and OneNote, or as standalone programs.

In the morning seminar, we will give you the basic knowledge of many valuable features of a range of hardware, software and apps to support learners with literacy difficulties as well as ideas, links to resources and activities that will engage everyone. We will highlight resources relevant for learners with English as an Additional Language.

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