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In this page, one can compare products through the search field. This is a simple method in which the field Product type allows one to choose from a variety of product types to be compared. Even though, the search result might be too broad making it difficult to have a close comparison between two or three products, the user can refine the search by typing the products’ full name or part of it in the Name field.

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Florence Virtual Keyboard image Ghotit Real Writer interface image GoTalk NOW communicator image iDentifi interface image Imagine Symbols page image
Name Florence Virtual Keyboard Ghotit Real Writer GoTalk NOW FREE iDentifi Imagine Symbols
Maker Ardesia project Ghotit Attainment Company getiDentifi Attainment Company
Model/Version 2.9 4.5.1 1.2.1
Price 91,00 30,00 €
ISO classification 22 36 18 Input software 22 39 12 Special output software 22 21 12 Face-to-face communication software 22 27 06 Indicators with acoustic signals 05 06 21 Assistive products for training in icons and symbols, 22 21 12 Face-to-face communication software
Discontinued No No No No No
Keyboard layout QWERTY
Keypads Character keys, Function keys, Navigation keys, Numeric keypad
Buttons/Circuits 109 25 per board
Feedback Sound, Visual Text-to-speech, Audio recording
Prediction Word
Picture language Imagine Symbols
Symbols 3.600
Writing Area Editable, Pictograms
Word processing function
Access method Scanning with a switch, Direct with pointing device Scanning with one or more switches, Touch screen
Scanning No Yes
Autoclick mouse Yes
Speech synthesis Yes
Speech interface
    Text to Speech and recorded audio
Operating system Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu iOS 9.0 iOS iOS 9.0
Language English English German, Czech, English, Italian English, Other languages
Internet connection Yes Yes
Disk space 3,4 MB 149 MB 35.4 MB 8.4 MB