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Directorio de organizaciones relacionadas con las tecnologías de apoyo y la accesibilidad
Nombre Country Description Imagen
Accessible Project Internacional Accessibility is an urgent issue nowadays. Authorities and experts are putting a lot of effort on pushing forward accessibility of software applications but,... Logotipo del proyecto Accessible
Ardesia project Internacional Ardesia is the free digital sketchpad software that help you to make coloured free-hand annotations with digital ink everywhere, record them and share on the... Ardesia logo
Jocomunico Project Internacional Jocomunico application has been developed in the context of a PhD research project. The project has been funded by Fundacion Adecco in partnership with... Jocomunico logo
Liblouis project Internet The Liblouis software suite provides an open-source braille translator, back-translator and formatter for a large number of languages and braille codes. It is... Liblouis webpage Internet is a software development community dedicated to making quality applications and extensions freely available to all computer users. Our goal is to... website
Orientatech Internacional Orientatech is an initiative managed by Social technologies Foundation Tecsos constituted by Spanish Red Cross and Vodafone Foundation. The aim of this... Orientatech logo
Projecte Fressa Internet Fressa's project was born in 1998 and it was originated after a study license that created informatic programs for disabled people. Originally, it had a broad... Projecte Fressa's logo