VirtualKeyboard 3.3


Cambios de la versión:

  • VirtualKeyboard has a new identificative icon.
  • New user manuals: Español, English, Portuguese (Brasil).
  • Improvements in the waiting bar of creating dictionaries.
  • Improvements in the numeric keypad.
  • Improvements in the text display.
  • The VirtualKeyboard can be more bigger.
  • A ghost button has been added, it shows VirtualKeyboard when the cursor is into a text area and hides it in other cases.
  • The speed range of the SweepClick is increased from 3 to 100.
  • The exit option without confirmation is added.
  • There is a new button to open the help file.
  • The appearance of VirtualKeyboard and HeadMouse has been revised.
  • Several stability improvements and bug fixes.