The vibrations in this speech method are generated pneumatically by an external battery operated vibrator (called electrolarynx or artificial - larynx) which is usually placed on the cheek or under the chin.  

It makes a buzzing vibration that reaches the throat and mouth of the user. The person then modifies the sound using his/her mouth to articulate the speech sounds.

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Voice and speech rehabilitation following laryngectomy

The first aim of this study is the compilation of the various methods of voice and speech rehabilitation following laryngectomy. Therefore, this book gives a detailed survey of these voice rehabilitation methods, with emphasis on the tracheo-esophageal shunt method with a valve prosthesis in respectively Chapter II, Chapter III and Chapter IV. The development of these valve prostheses, which are inserted into a surgically created tracheo-esophageal shunt, has presented a giant step forwards in the voice and speech rehabilitation of laryngectomees.