Bradley Mesh Silver 40mm

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The minimalist face of the Bradley Mesh Silver features raised markers brushed in a silver mirrored finish to complement the matte silver finish of the case and strap. Crafted from lightweight titanium and a durable stainless steel mesh strap, this sleek timepiece offers the best of modern design.

Accessible products

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This classification includes accessible technological products of interest. These products could be considered within the limit of those included in AT Observatory, such as electrical appliances or electronics designed specifically for people with disabilities.

In general, the product file will only provide basic data, referring to the company that manufactures it for more information.


Eone logo

Eone was founded to solve a problem: to tell time, people who are blind have had to choose between intrusive talking watches, or fragile tactile watches. There were hardly elegant, quality alternatives.

Eone founder Hyungsoo Kim was a graduate student at MIT when he learned of this problem through a friend who is blind. Guided by the conviction that everyone has a right to time, he collaborated with designers and persons with vision impairments to create a watch that everyone—sighted or blind—can use and enjoy.

Tuat Inc.

Lotoipo de Tuat Ink.

Tuat Ink. is carrying out various projects related to AI-based deep learning image recognition, Android/iOS field development, cloud-based web/app solution development and operation...

Envision AI (Android) 1.7.3

  • Fix issue with adding and removing allies
  • Fix issue in reading some ePUB files
  • Added more help links in Glasses pairing flow
  • Alert users if Bluetooth is off during Glasses pairing
  • Users can now open images directly in Envision
  • Added help links for users facing billing verification issue
  • Fix issue where document reader font is too small for some users
  • Fix UX issues around Barcode scan buttons