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The News subsection holds all the news appearing in the media regarding assistive technologies or accessibility and general purpose ICT products which have an accessibility application.

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25/08/2017 NV Access NVDA 2017.3 Now Available for Download
23/08/2017 Samsung Samsung Electronics Launches ‘Relúmĭno’ Visual Aid Application for the Visually Impaired
22/02/2017 NV Access NVDA 2017.1 Released
04/01/2017 WBU The Importance of Braille Literacy - WBU Press Release for World Braille Day
16/12/2016 NV Access NVDA 2016.4 now Available
29/08/2015 NV Access NVDA 2015.3 now Available
19/05/2014 Global Accessibility News Braille phone goes on sale in 'world first'
23/04/2014 National Federation of the Blind Ustraap System
22/04/2014 Global Accessibility News Students create video game to help children with autism
12/04/2014 Comisión Europea Healthcare in your pocket: unlocking the potential of mHealth