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The News subsection holds all the news appearing in the media regarding assistive technologies or accessibility and general purpose ICT products which have an accessibility application.

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03/03/2011 Dictation Software Gives Time Back To A Consultant
26/02/2011 Callier Library The right to assistive technology: for whom, for what, and by whom?
05/02/2011 The New York Times The AgeLab at M.I.T.
05/02/2011 Malcolm Bellamy's Lifelong Learning Blog Assistive technology: Kara Dennison’s story
03/02/2011 Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog Assistive technology provides access to jobs
31/01/2011 Indiana Assistive Technology Tech Tip Monday: Satalight at ATIA Chicago, 2010
31/01/2011 Android Central Quadriplegic sets world record with Swype
23/01/2011 DeafGadgets Idea: Home Audible Alert Notifications for SMS, Android, iPhone, Bluetooth, and Growl
18/01/2011 The Washington Times KELLNER: Apple leads in ‘assistive technology’ for the blind
18/01/2011 The Assistive Technology Blog The Livescribe Pen: Why do we love this tool?