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The News subsection holds all the news appearing in the media regarding assistive technologies or accessibility and general purpose ICT products which have an accessibility application.

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17/01/2011 Assistive Technology Blog Verbal Victor
10/01/2011 Morse Code Helps Man Live With Physical Disability
09/01/2011 Hand to Mouth: Assistive Technology Traxsys adjustable switch review: a medium
08/01/2011 Adult Literacy & Technology Barcodes and QR Codes as Assistive Technology
07/01/2011 The New York Times High-Tech Help
04/01/2011 Indiana Assistive Technology goQ Provides Literacy Software for Individuals with Writing Disabilities
04/01/2011 Ubergizmo Robot Arm Prints Words That Kids Type With Their Eyes
03/01/2011 Tap into Assistive Technology New Year, New Browser for Kids with Autism
03/01/2011 makeuseof 5 Best Resources for Mac & Apple Device Users with Disabilities
01/10/2010 Gadget Lab Bluetooth Sheet Music Turner Could Help Readers With Disabilities