About TecnoAccesible

TecnoAccesible is an informative Web portal regarding accessibility of Information and communications technology, as well as assistive technologies. Some informative elements are news, events and files of products which include the manufacturers and traders. The content of the news and files is linked with the elements which may be related with, so that the user can have the most global and exhaustive information possible.

Even though, we provide marketing information of the products and services, and we resolve any doubt that users may have, TecnoAccesible is not selling any of them.

TecnoAccesible is a new project which is the result of 15 years of experience concerning products' and services' development of all kind of assistive technology, such as: Application software, specialized websites, computers' adaptations...

Tecnoaccesible was first released in 2011, after an intense period of technical development, construction and compilation of information. Furthermore, this new website is willing to stay and grow thanks to the users' support and other contributors.

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Santiago Gil González