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The Smartbox Joycable lets you attach one or two 3.5mm switches to your communication aid. Simple USB 2.0 connection and quick setup make the Joycable an easy way to get started with switches, or expand an existing communication setup.

The Joycable is ready to use with Grid 3 right out of the box to access every part of your communication aid. The Joycable can also be used with any Windows software that allows for joystick input.

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A connection box is a device which enables to connect switches toa computer. In general, switches

Una caja de conexión es un dispositivo que permite conectar pulsadores a un ordenador. En general, los pulsadores disponen de un conector jack de audio que no puede conectarse directamente al ordenador. La caja de conexión dispone de conexiones jack de audio de entrada y una salida USB o, antiguamente, RS-232, que sí puede conectarse. El dispositivo puede necesitar un driver o software adicional para ser reconocido por el ordenador.
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Gadget Lab - AirTurn's Bluetooth foot-switch for iPad turns pages with the tap of a foot. It’s designed for keeping both hands free to play an instrument while reading digital sheet music. However, it may turn out to be an important technology for e-book readers with disabilities.
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