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Techbility is made up of a highly-specialized multi-disciplinary team. Our professionals are specialized in the development of accessible websites, mobile applications and internet consultancy services: designing and developing Web sites and WCAG compliance testers, all with the criteria of usability and accessibility in mind.

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Accessible Computing Foundation (ACF) does not equate ‘Disability’ with ‘Inability’. It is our mission to silence the outcry for computing accessibility. By developing strategies for the creation of free software, we WILL resolve the issue of inaccessible technology and replace its many challenges with empowerment – empowerment to enjoy the life-enriching privileges of living in this century. Everyone will be able to take full advantage of these conveniences.

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The purpose of this HOWTO is to introduce the tools, applications, and configuration utilities that are available to Linux users who are disabled.

Kendell Clark is an open source advocate and Fedora user who has been using Gnu/Linux since August 2011.

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Computer software accessibility refers to the degree to which a computer program or computer system's properties allow it to be used by the widest variety by users with abilities and disabilities.
Source: Encyclopedia of Disability, Gary L Albrecht - University of Illinois at Chicago

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